Amazon and Copyright


This week, an e-book Web site said invoked the 1998 law to prevent books from some non-Amazon sources from working on its Kindle reader.

Amazon sent a legal notice to complaining that information relating to a computer utility written in the Python programming language "constitutes a violation" of the DMCA, according to a copy of the warning letter that the site posted. is an e-book news and community site.


Romantic Girl said…
I have a Sony Reader - which is a devise similar to the Kindle but it does not have the direct internet linkup that the Kindle has.

On the Reader I can read any type of PDF, txt or doc file. Sony does have their own Sony Reader website but there is no restrictions on what I can access.

The attempt by Amazon to actually limit access on to books being brought from other sites being read on the Kindle is extremely shortsighted of Amazon. Who wants a devise that actually limits what you can read. I will be sticking to Sony's product without the hidden strings being attached.

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